Artistic Ink

Artistic inks

Artistic inks are for making your designs on other media.

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  • Viking Colors ink

    Viking ink

    Viking ink with a wide range of colours and packs. From California (USA) they are a reference in the sector.
    Variety of colors and sets of Viking ink.

    We have a wide collection of colors of Viking Ink as well as different Sets.

    If you do not find any color, do not hesitate and contact us.

    Viking Ink Tattoo +34 635 031 666

    The Californian ink brand Viking Ink brings us many bright colors and very complete sets, we can find sets of Viking ink colors from half ounce and one ounce.

    Sets of Vikings ink colors of different shades of black, various whites. etc..

    If you do not find any color please contact us and we will help you in the process.