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Artistic inks

Artistic inks are for making your designs on other media.

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  • Eternal ink

    Eternal ink

    Eternal ink is one of the most recognized and popular worldwide brands of inks.

    In Vtattoo Shop we have more than 100 different colors!

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    Eternal Ink Features

    Eternal Ink was made by Terry Welker, famous in the world of Tattooing with more than 30 years of experience, in Michigan (USA).

    Terry Welker and Eternal Ink inks bet on vibrant colors and a wide range of colors. More than 100 different colors of Eternal Ink inks make this brand of American inks one of the most complete in terms of color diversity of inks.

    Within its wide range of colours, Eternal Ink stands out for its Eternal Ink packs. Perfect sets for every occasion and focused on different styles of tattoo.

    Eternal Ink colour ranges:

    - Standard, focused on generic use.

    - Muted Earth, matte and bright earth colours. Excellent browns and vibrant greens.

    - Portrait, range of colours indicated for both portraits and photorealism.

    - Zombie, wide and diverse colors with some intense reds to get a terrifying range.

    - New colours, a range of Eternal Ink inks that provide the novelties that have been brought out with the new colours.

    Within the range of ink sets Eternal Ink has been developing new sets of inks with the range of colors used by the main tattooists in their different styles.

    The colour ranges of Eternal Ink are:

    - Blue

    - Brown

    - Gold

    - Black & Grey

    - Green

    - Orange

    - Pink

    - White Rhino

    - Network

    - Yellow

    - White

    - Black

    Within the series of Eternal Ink referring to the series of edition with respect to the artists we will be able to find this type of seies of personalized Eternal Ink:

    - Andrea Afferni Series

    - Big Meas Series

    - Fran La Natra Series

    - Halo Fifth Dimensions

    - Jes Yen Series

    - Liz Cook Series

    - Rich Pineda Series

    And some more.

    Well, if you don't find any of the colours of Eternal Ink that you are looking for or you want to know which colour adapts to what you need for your project. Do not hesitate and contact us.

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  • Tinta Radiant
  • Viking Colors ink

    Viking ink

    Viking ink with a wide range of colours and packs. From California (USA) they are a reference in the sector.
    Variety of colors and sets of Viking ink.

    We have a wide collection of colors of Viking Ink as well as different Sets.

    If you do not find any color, do not hesitate and contact us.

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    The Californian ink brand Viking Ink brings us many bright colors and very complete sets, we can find sets of Viking ink colors from half ounce and one ounce.

    Sets of Vikings ink colors of different shades of black, various whites. etc..

    If you do not find any color please contact us and we will help you in the process.

  • Artistic Inks - Others

    Dynamic Ink, Radiant Colors ink, Intenze ink, Nuclear White ..
    In this section we include several of the brands of inks that we have in our catalog. We have several inks known worldwide such as:

    Randiant Colors ink
    If you are looking for a specific brand or a special color.

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