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Fist Flame Pure Cream

The Fist Flame pure cream is the best option to accompany you during the tattoo process, has the best texture not to harm your tools and mainly facilitates the entry of the needle into the skin reducing pain and redness.

Its softness and incredible smell will accompany you throughout the session.

Designed by tattooists for tattooers.

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Fist Pure Flame Cream

The fist flame pure cream specifications

- Bephantenol of rapid absorption: calms, lubricates improving the human energy.

- Centella asiatica: Improves healing and increases the production of sulfates, a. hyaluronic mucin, helps the growth of capillaries and keratinization of the skin.

- Vitamine E: great antioxidant effect.

Presentation: 250 ml tubes.
Designed by tattooists for tattooers.


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